Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Teach child to sleep in own bed room

When child have age to 3 - 5 year, he start to have ability to remember what seen and hearing of. At this age, representing correct age to teach child sleep its own bed room.
Possible you feel to reluctant at or do not have the heart to let child for the sleep of alone its bed room. Because possible during the time you have accustomed to sleep with your couple and child. But there are some matters which need in order to be known why child require teaching by its own bed room sleep:
“Train child to overcome to fear. A child generally has that strong imagination. Whether pleasant matter or fearful. Aloneness can make child imagination float to fearful things. There is many fearful being emerging in mind child. strong imagination and Continuous will cause the imagination will become a fact. Even child will see fearful things which you cannot see. Parent can train child to overcome resulted by fear is fearful imagination. Assuring to him that that what being frightened by there is no. If child have accustomed sleep with its parent, he will accustomed feel safe. When you perforce not able to near its for example you reside in bathroom, he will feel afraid.
“Train child to be is self-supporting. By having bed room alone he will start to learn to use and take care of what becoming its property. He can learn to set right and its toy keep return, at cardboard box or locker in its bed room, after finishing playing at. He also will have habit which you can teach to it. Parent can teach child how or what require to be done before and after sleep.
“Preventing child see special matter which you do as parent. Parent has things or secret which may not know by a child ahead of schedule. Doing sex relation for example. When you in pursuance of sex relation with your couple, have to be strived child to you do not see. With understanding of limited doubt will arise the understanding of wrong about sex at child, while difficulty you'd explain it. And nature of imitative child will make you doubt he/she imitate movement which you do with your couple.
“You have time for the own self and your couple. Besides as parent, you are wife husband couple. You and couple you need special place and time as a couple. There is things required to you do to remain to take care of your relation with couple without doubting with existence of child. Your love And affection to your couple also need to in to expressing. And that thing also good for taking care of relation you remain to be harmonious.
If you have empty bed room, you can use it as bed for your child and teaching him sleep in own bed room. And you'd see your child start to learn to become self-supporting person.